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Customers are confident when they work with Engine Power Components because of our depth of expertise. Our highly skilled, multi-lingual technical staff strives to partner with our customers… this means we integrate with your engineering team to help devise the best, most cost efficient camshaft application and materials for your design. We also use a multitude of computer applications including Pro-Engineer®, AutoCAD®, and custom cam design software. In most cases, we communicate electronically with your computer engineering systems.

Our materials expertise allows us to provide several alternatives for OEM applications including: castings, assembled shafts and steel. We can provide small cams up to single steel billets up to 2.5 meters long, modular steel section camshafts and anything in between.

Our Design, Materials, Application and Manufacturing Engineers are ready to be part of your team in simultaneous engineering and integration. We would like to work with you, not just as a “production supplier”, but as a strategic partner. If your camshaft and/or balance shaft requirements range from prototypes to high volume, let Engine Power Components be part of the solution

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